June 27, 2016 Bermano Reiko


Few Time ago I got new airsoft replica of Beretta M9 Series form HFC and added it into list of my airsoft collections, Airsoft HFC M9

HFC HGA 194x.

this series is kind of rare, I guess. Because when I tried to search over the Internet, very little information about this series.

The following is specification based on what I can see:

Full metal construction.
Grey finished on slide and Frame (weathering by my self, of course… ppfffffttt… 😛 ).
Semi and full auto.
I believe that the slide was made by CNC machine instead of metal casting like the common airsoft processing,
because in some parts slightly visible fine scratches from the CNC cutting.
Since it made by CNC from a billet aluminium, should make it stronger.
while the frame is still made of metal casting.

This series is slightly different from the most M9 series produced by HFC,
because M190 series has unusual grip cover, which is long and covered the magazine base and the slide using design of Beretta elite,
while the M192 series has a curved design on the slide.

HGA 194 has normally M9 designs

I added steel nozzle to replace the original.
very strong actually, because I used R32 as the GAS,
for comparison:
at room temperature R32 pressure : about 260psi,
Green gas: about 140psi.



testing with steel nozzle made by my self.