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May 2, 2019
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May 2, 2019 Bermano Reiko

Scan Tools Honda OBD1 ECU to digitize your dashboard.

So this tools I made, act as translator between the standard OBDII protocol to communicate into old Honda OBD1 ECU.

For Civic, Accord, City, Integra, Del Sol (Indonesian local brands: EG, Genio, Estilo, Ferio, Cielo, Maestro, City, Odyssey), – the 2002 Honda and below(JDM).

Google-translate version for my post Scanner Diagnostic Live Data Monitor Honda OBD1. (No.., this is not english version, try harder to make it look like english but it is not. my bad) ;D

Modern cars has a standard communication protocol for ECU, We call it OBDII. The OBDII specification is made mandatory for all cars sold in the United States since 1996.

With OBDII We can perform diagnostic scans. Display and extract all data from the ECU to be displayed into PC, laptops, cellphones/tablet, or even car head unit.
My Dashboard :

Checking problems in our car and immediately find out which part or sensor currently in trouble with the detailed explanations on it. 
Checking DTC code from the Blinking CEL is often difficult for most common people. Especially when the code occur more than one code at the same time :D. Show the engine load, fuel consumption, RPM and speed, Volt, acceleration, Horse Power and many other functions. 


What about the older car that still use OBD1?

Nope—. Although in the ECU there are the same data but the communication protocol is different from OBD-II (specific manufacture).

So this tools I made, act as translator between the standard OBDII protocol to communicate into old Honda OBD1 ECU.

Supported car

Honda car with OBD1 ECU, such as : civic EG, EK, genio, estilo, ferio, civic, city, accord, Del Sol, Integra, CR-X, etc. Or simply use 3 PIN diagnostic port (3 + 2 -> 3-pin diagnostic ports, 2 pins CEL jumper) and also Performance ECU based on Honda OBD1, like Hondata.

The advantages of this scanner (Scan Tools Honda OBD1)

Which is obviously cheap. Because mostly OBD1 scanners are specific manufactures, means that scanner for Honda can only be used in Honda cars. Because it is not common and most are discontinued (old products, no longer available).

Translate all (1-92) Honda OBD1 DTC code into OBDII Standard code 

Plug and play 
Plug into the 3-pin scanner port and then just run the OBD2 diagnostic scanner applications (ex. Torque Pro, Torque lite, PyObd etc).

And as the latest update, I added buzzer and periodically checking feature into this scanner.
(even if the application is not running on the cellphone/tablet).

FYI, in Honda OBD1 ECU not all of the errors has indicators on CEL. 
You will get CEL -ON- for IAT when not connected or broken, but there is no signal error when IAT too hot (70 degrees or above). Ideally IAT value is 10 -20 degrees above ambient temperature. When the IAT too hot, ECU will reduce the ignition timing, and will affect performance of the engine. 

Version without 16-pin OBD-II port:

Final Version of Scan Tools For Honda OBD1 ECU

Available at:

Scan Tools Honda OBD1

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