Bermano Reiko

Hi, My name is Bermano Reiko or just call me Reiko 😉

About Bermano Reiko.

I stay in west java – Indonesia, I worked as programmer since almost 20 years ago and working on projects remotely for last 5 years.
My Projects are mostly from local Indonesian companies, but there are also some projects from UK, Aussie and France.

I have diverse set of skill, to build a website, web erp, web app from zero to a fully functional using CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, CI, WordPress, Laravel and also C# and EF framework.

I also have some experience in making Native Android mobile applications using Android Studio.
And for my personal project I also learn in deep about Arduino for IOT.
Some of my posts on this blog are related to my personal projects with Arduino, you can find with author “Bermano Reiko”

I also served as the founder of several companies,
My Latest Work please refer to the following site:

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